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The FORKAIA Startup Combine is very flexible. You can work on your own time, whenever you want from wherever you are on any project you like.

You can work on one or all 100 start-ups, do strictly Agency work or a mix of both, it’s up to you. You can login your hours interchangeably.

The Combine is designed for educational training so rather than having you do the work of regular employees, we want you to learn about different parts of our business. We like to switch up the workload using a rotational program.

You’ll gain experience working on startups across multiple industries, learning the different facets of entrepreneurship and what it takes to bring an idea to market via FORKAIA Startup Academy

We have a ton of interesting projects you can work on in the FORKIA IDEA.LAB

We also give our prospects an opportunity to get first hand experience building their portfolio working on consulting projects in their related field through the FORKAIA AGENCY\\\

Working directly with our Agency clients will also give you great exposure and a chance to showcase your skills and capabilities while learning from mentors in your aspiring fields.

The Combine is broken down in 2 sections: IDEA.LAB and AGENCY\\\


The Idea Lab portion of the Combine is all about startups and entrepreneurship.

We believe that young entrepreneurs like yourself will unlock human potential and make the world a better place. We build technology solutions to solve problems and test many ideas in parallel. When one shows great promise, we tap into our vast and talented ecosystem and mobilize a great team, spin it off into a company, and help them grow a successful business.

Most of the projects will be built from scratch (from user research to usability testing) you can poke around the different channels and see where/how you want to contribute.

FORKAIA’s a place for inspiration and experimentation. We like new ideas and pushing boundaries. We spend 95% of our time and resources on R&D.

We look at all of our Startups as experiments. Idea Lab provides a very basic framework of each Startup. You have infinite room to shape these ideas as you see fit.

We want you to follow your passions, be creative, open-minded and think outside the box. Use our ecosystem; collaborate with other team members, create a back and forth dynamic that harnesses ideas, involvement and energy.


We also believe you will need to learn how to market yourself and your skills to be able to excel in your careers so we're inviting you to work on projects for our Agency clients.

You should begin building your portfolio and your resume now and that’s what the FORKAIA Agency is all about.  

FORKAIA Agency will give you experience working on Solving real-time problems in your field of study with a diverse teams of programmers. It’s an opportunity to learn from each other, grow professionally, get valuable feedback, and enhance your professional reputations because of what you’re able to accomplish together.

Along with real experience, working for the FORKAIA Agency results in actual work product that you can point to and say, “I did that.” Because our Agency clients are usually project-based, it is a very clear demonstration of your skill - Agency projects put project-based learning into action.

This will give you great exposure, showing us AND our clients your capabilities.

FORKAIA’s vast network and ecosystem introduces you to professionals in your field who might be valuable contacts later. This is a fantastic opportunity to brand yourself, build your reputation and more importantly build your portfolio of work so by the time you’re ready to make money you’ll be in high demand.



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This FORKAIA Combine is a continuation of what you’ve been working on or have studied, use your most valuable skills to contribute to the ideas on the list.

Tasks are broken down by Team. You can work solo or with your teammates to complete them. Sign up for the ones you want to work on and communicate with your teammates to avoid overlapping thoughts and to use time more effectively.

In many occasions you'll be coordinating with other teams to get your tasks completed, e.g., developers will write code based on designers markups make sure to coordinate. Do the research, get deep into details and talk to your friends, teammates and potential users about this idea. That involves a lot of deconstruction, prototyping, research and storyboarding.

We believe in collective intelligence - we gain more intelligence, rationality and consciousness together as a group. We’ll learn together as we go, collectively, using data and the intelligence of a very diverse ecosystem and freely open to changing our minds when new data is presented or when we find more layers of complexity than we initially thought so there’s never a wrong idea or answer.

Be creative, think differently. We didn’t hire you to tell you what to do. We decided to hire you so you can tell us what to do.

The Idea Lab Groups have no central leadership so be informal, personal and transparent. Start brainstorming; communicate with the group, bounce ideas off each other and test things out. You have full autonomy to create new tasks and groups. The only way you can mess this up is by not participating - there are no wrong ideas here so it’s impossible to fail.

Pick a team to work within the group with the skills and interests that you align with the most. We encourage you to pick multiple teams for a well-rounded working experience.

DEVELOPMENT TEAM - App | Web | Mobile

DATA SCIENCE TEAM - Data Science | Business Analytics

BUSINESS TEAM - Marketing | Finance | BD

CREATIVE TEAM - Design | Content

If you’re a web designer build a site for the start-up or improve current one. There are plenty of UI/UX Designers in the ecosystem that can help you prototype interfaces. If you’re a Coder you can start writing the back-end apps/ on the mobile application.

Content can start finding trends (maybe do a trend analysis of 2018). If you’re a writer, write content so we get ranked on Google or become a storyteller, tell the story we want the world to know about this startup.

Marketing can start with a brand and social media accounts. Do a SWOT and competitive analysis and write up a marketing plan. Figure out what would work? Social media marketing? SEO? What’s the best way to get users? Come up with some PR ideas! If you’re in Business Development think of strategic partnerships that make sense. What’s our Exit strategy? Who would be a good target? What’s our target missing in their portfolio?

Do user research, gather data -there are endless resources on the web. You can use Forkaia Datasets

The FORKAIA Idea Lab is the perfect opportunity because in addition to academic credit, we also offer equity in each project. The team that builds the start-up is guaranteed 33% ownership of the business. How much each individual in the group gets out of that slice depends on contribution. The pie is divided proportionally to the amount of work you do.

We even give you the Blueprint. And FORKAIA STARTUP ACADEMY will help guide you with the IDEA LAB. It may even make you into the next Mark Zuckerberg.

Our goal is to entice you enough to stick around beyond the Combine and build something you find interesting and challenging and worth your time.

You own what you build here, it doesn't matter if you're an intern or a Nobel laureate.

Something to keep in mind; when predicting the future, humans erroneously tend to think more of the same or small iterations of the same. DON’T DO THAT. Look to history or nature for parallels instead.

This Combine is what you make of it; you can put the work in and get your school credits by participating or you can sit on the sidelines and take no initiative and get zero academic credit. Or you can work your butt off, build and grow these ideas and retire by the time you graduate. It’s up to you.

Recruitment into the FORKAIA Startup Combine is the ultimate career tryouts. The Tasks are your workouts - show us your work ethic and how your mind thinks around these ideas and we’ll Draft you into our FARM System and make you the best of the best. Talk to each other, divvy up the tasks and have fun.

We’ll be watching


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Make money working on interesting projects in your field of study. The benefit of this program are endless.


  • Make extra money

  • Flexible schedule  

  • Focus on your strengths working as part of a team

  • Fun and exciting projects to choose from

  • Projects/work tailored towards your interest and education

  • Teams, Divisions, and Tasks on Rotation

  • Get Exposure

  • Make contacts

  • Learn Entrepreneurship

  • Boost Your reputation

  • Build your Portfolio

  • Opportunity for Full-Time employment

  • Get invaluable experience

  • Experiment with multiple different businesses and industries

  • Build a pipeline of clients that will likely contact you first for future jobs

  • Build impressive and extensive portfolio and gain real life experience working with large and small teams of diverse programmers.

  • You’ll always have as much work as you want; there’s no downtime

  • You’ll never be over encumbered - Our vast resources allow us to delegate and keep work flow expedient

  • Vast Ecosystem; you may meet your future Employer

  • Academic Credit (If Eligible)

  • CPT/OPT/OPT-Extension

  • R3 Brand Support: We provide References, Recommendations & Referrals on Request

  • Program is Extendable


How much do I get Paid? 80/20 Split. You keep 80% of what Upwork pays us. Pay varies per project.

When do I get Paid? When project is completed and funded.   

How do I get Paid? Venmo, Zelle or check

You must be Academically and Legally eligible to be paid.

You can work on Agency projects even if you’re not eligible for receiving payment. This is your gig economy sandbox: the goal is to build your portfolio and gain experience.


What happens after the FORKAIA Combine?

There’s plenty of opportunity at FORKAIA and we look to hire exceptional prospects on a permanent, paid basis if they express interest in continuing to work for FORKAIA Corporation, The Agency or any of the Idea Lab Start-ups. Depending on your performance we can bring you onboard in a capacity of roles, among them are:

  • AGENCY \\\  - Make money working on interesting projects for our clients.

  • Full-Time Hire - Work for FORKAIA CORPORATION on a Full-Time basis (this is the least likely scenario - read viewpoint to find out why)

  • IDEALAB Equity - Get ownership stake of the start-up you’re working on and enjoy the entrepreneurial ride.

  • B.Y.O.A - Build Your Own App - Pitch your Startup to Idea Lab and FORKAIA will help make it happen.  

  • TALENT (coming soon) Play Moneyball and become a Forkaia free agent. Sign with our Talent Agency and choose from multiple competitive offers from your ideal employers and take control of your own career trajectory. 

Or you stay with us after the Combine and continue exploring the FORKAIA ecosystem.

If you want to work somewhere we will provide you with Recommendation letters or connect you through our network.

We want to see you succeed!

We’re destroying the conventions, rules, orders of the past that are no longer sustainable and making space for something new. This will be more than a Summer gig, by working at FORKAIA you’re part an network of resources, opportunities, people and ideas that will last you a lifetime. We’re building a world that hires, works, lives and thinks differently and we're excited to share that with you.

The FORKAIA Combine is approved as an internship with over 600 Universities. Students may receive course credit. Our staff will work with the school/advisor on achieving desired learning outcomes and completing all necessary paperwork.

Combine is held year-round. You can start whenever you're ready.