Data Team Description

The Overall task of data analysts is to help make business decisions.

Find or receive a business question => gather data => analyze & draw insight => offer a business solution

  • Specific tasks might include:

    • Have an idea of what data to collect (and what data is not needed).

      • Establish a strategy to gather the right data.

      • Choose and set up database (e.g. MySQL vs. MongoDB vs. PostgreSQL).

    • Gather data as the company grows.

      • Use this data to analyze company performance (e.g. KPI scores).

      • Create data visualization figures for presentations and reports.

    • Work with any of the other departments for growth hacking.

      • Examples:

        • Work with front-end developers to analyze A/B testing results from UX research.

        • Work with finance team to build predictive models for revenue.

Most, if not all, data will be collected once the startup launches. In the meantime (i.e. pre-launch), data analysts should set up strategies to leverage data in the future. They should focus on creating procedures that will help them process data efficiently once the company launches and once numbers begin flooding in.

Some startups might require data analysts as the backbone of their projects.

  • e.g.) Paper to Database needs experts in NLP.