FORKAIA COMBINE START DATE - You can start whenever you're ready. There's No Deadline to Apply for Combines because we offer them year-round.

DURATION: You can sign up for as long as you need and drop out as soon as you want but you’ll will only receive a Completion Certificate after completing 250 hours. We recommend at least 10 Weeks.

HOURS: We don’t require any timecards. At the end your employment with us, you can just click here and tell us roughly how many hours you worked and what tasks you worked on.

OFFER LETTERS - Pick your Template, change the content in the blue areas so it fits your schedule and email it back to for approval.

EVALUATIONS | Our evaluation schedule is as follows:   




Please routinely upload and update your work in Glip so we can keep track of your progress for Evaluations.

FEEDBACK - We give you feedback on your performance throughout the Combine via phone, email, Glip, Zoom and Upwork.

If you are ever wondering about your performance, you can send us a note anytime to get a gauge on your performance.

ACADEMIC PAPERWORK - Please email support all documentation you need signed off. Please inform us when you have Evaluations due - email us one week prior so we don’t miss it.