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We’re a talent agency with a focus in tech elite instead of professional athletes and celebrity entertainers.

We represent young elite technologists - the best and brightest up and coming “free agent” tech talent with diverse backgrounds from the world’s top universities and most innovative companies. We hand select the most gifted programmers, designers, developers, technical architects and project managers in our ecosystem and empower them to proactively take control and accelerate their own career growth. We use our resources to make introductions to the elected targeted desired companies that aligns with our talents’ interests, needs and goals. We’ll do the negotiating, the talent simply chooses from multiple competitive offers from their ideal employers.

Employers can gain a competitive advantage and make opportunistic hires by either upgrading on existing employees or creating an attractive new role to entice Forkaia’s unique talent. Management at the companies is given access to a level talent they may not have known existed or were considering a change, while the talent can potentially secure opportunities tailored specifically to them that are not available to the general public.