by FORKAIA CEO & Founder Ali Sina

At Forkaia, we see the world as full of possibilities but the human race in a pivotal fork in the proverbial road; we can either sink with ignorance, hate and stupidity or rise to a higher level of consciousness with common sense, foresight and love.


I feel like we have an opportunity to redefine the design of life, give it a much needed upgrade through open-sourced knowledge and technology. As humans we've done a lot to advance but its come at a price. When faced with problems or opportunities we've for the most part done the best with what we have but we've also been greedy and cut corners which though have resulted in solutions that are acceptable, have not provided the best solutions for the human race and life on our planet. Humans are intrinsically heuristic which in CS means taking a practical approach to problem solving, learning or discovery, not guaranteed to be optimal, perfect, logical, or rational, but instead sufficient for reaching an immediate goal. But we now have the tools to look beyond immediacy.

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People hate changes but if the change is for the good of our planet and all the things it gives life to then we will exploit those changes, in how we live how we work, change in business, in media, in everyday life and use these changes for positive purposes.

Change has never been more necessary. A lot of things today are no longer sustainable.

Population keeps increasing, resources are decreasing. The inequality and wealth gap is widening more and everyday it seems like someone somewhere fuses out and carries out a horrendous attack. Too many people are sad, depressed, suicidal and overdosing. Big Pharma isn’t helping. Leaders spew hate and lead like children. Knowledge should be open-source but No one is being transparent. Climate change’s changed into climate catastrophe. We’re polluting the planet but can’t stop making stuff. Species are going extinct are record numbers with humans at the helm, humans, who are the only species capable of saving other ones.

We need change but keep thinking more of the same.

I wrote this piece not to scare you but because I believe that the youth is our future and they’ll ultimately fix everything. My generation is just standing in the way because of either self interest or some form of resistance. Though the passing of the guards is inevitable; it really couldn’t happen fast enough. The health of our planet and the people living on it depends on it.

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My only warning is do not be taken in by the culture of ease.

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Self-help books and experts will try to convince you that you can have what you want by following a few simple steps. Instead try slowing things down. Take a deep breath. Be present, open and empty. Practice mindfulness; Have Compassion and Understanding and stay awake. Learn how to think by clearing out your mind and you'll be able to handle any subject. You have an opportunity to fix what we got wrong on our first go at it and rebuild what it means to be human.

I try to listen to my subconscious and let it guide me, even letting it make decisions for me that go against conventional thought or wisdom. It took a long time to trust that feeling - the energy around me. I discard SPAM ENERGY and stay open up to new experiences. I imagine the world is still full of mystery and try to learn something new every day. Philosophically, I’m constantly trying to find the sacred place within me where I might unlock the creative power of my deeper unconscious self. The journey to get there is my life’s great purpose

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The big idea behind Forkaia is to use the data we have to stemcell a unicorn - a billion dollar startup. We’re making the next facebook or Dropbox in a lab, using algorithms to manufacture the next Twitter team. We’re not building just one business, we’re starting off with 100. That’s partially the idea behind the name Forkaia. FORK in Computer Science means a process that creates a copy of itself which is precisely what we’re doing with the incubator using AI.

We’ve created an Academy and Internship Program to prepare people for the changes in the coming years.

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We're moving into a full online world. Traditional business models will cease to exist in the coming years - we'll transact amongst each-other directly using apps, allowing us to undertake work and get done what needs to get done and exchanging coins - Welcome to the Platform Era. Intelligent software and dashboards will keep track of progress in a way that hundreds of employees used to do. Old school businesses that people worked in for 20 years, where they hoped to get a raise, and hoped that the company was going to be around forever - those days are gone. I believe in new, flat corporate structures and no code software. I believe in People analytics, e-commerce and micro entrepreneurs. Everyone has a side hustle - everyone I know is a micro entrepreneur. And if they’re not AI driven algorithms will help people find what they’re best at doing, so they don’t have to go through a lifelong search and wasting valuable time for meaning. I believe in freelancing ecosystems where work gets done and credit gets shared through a combination of pay and equity arrangements. That’s exactly what Forkaia’s ‘side hustle’ app is appealing to; everyone has the power to become their own economic entity.

AI will free up time for people to do the things they love and enable them to make money at the same time. The gig and shareable economy is a huge indicator of the future of work. Our concept of work will go through a transformation like we have never experienced in our history thanks in big part to technology and the advent of artificial intelligence as the new human frontier. AI will change the future of work forever beyond robotics, automation and segmentation, I see the old ways crumbling.

New work paradigm are already here. Work and life is mixed 24-7 all the time. There are going to be no more physical offices. No more employees. No more 9-5. Work has no time or place. What’s is an office anyway? The closest WiFi connection is the new office. The gig economy will continue to grow (60% of Americans will be side hustling something by 2025) and companies will adapt to a contingent workforce, contract out the work they need to “expert gigsters” who can do it faster for cheaper. We’ll see a lot more collaboration and an expansion of the shareable economy.

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Corporations should be implementing new hiring, training and education models. More than half the students graduating college are underemployed. 90% stay underemployed for the next 10 years of their career so the old way isn’t working anymore. Hiring managers should ditch the resume and let their new hires stand in front of a whiteboard instead of fixed blueprints. Expertise will be less relevant - give employees tools to succeed to win and give them challenging and engaging work. A transformation of expectations will be the ultimate baton handoff and the future looks bright. GEN Z is going to raise the bar about how technology will be used - the big difference is they will expect technology to do its thing as opposed to being wow’d by it like generations past.

We’re in middle on a full blown Visual Revolution. Texting and Emojis are taking us back to the time of hieroglyphics and symbols.

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There are new units of measurements, new value placed on the life experience and fun and less on ownership. Transportation solutions will create further disruption dramatically redrawing the urban landscape of our cities.

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Cycles in all forms, even in a business’ shelf life, are occurring faster and faster. They’re condensed versions of what we’ve seen before but happening sooner, faster and more often. The next Mark New Zuckerberg will skip out of High School (instead of college) to build his or her idea. The new hot AI-Startup will raise $1 billion in just 24 hours. Investors want 2 year exits, etc, etc... Social Media and accessibility will give rise to more and more copycat businesses. Competition will be fierce and the winners will undoubtedly be the influencers, people and organizations with leveraged platforms. Followers are just a new form of an asset class; intellectual property, shared assets, networks, alliances and data will become more prevalent asset classes.

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AI isn’t intended to be transformative in the sense that 50% of the population loses their job (though it’s very possible). It’s intended to be transformative in that it gives every person the power to access the full capabilities of their brains and their passions. If an Uber driver can earn themselves money when they’re in the mood to drive, then data scientists and engineers, no matter where they are in the world, should be able to do the same. Work anytime from anywhere on whatever you like.


The Global AI ecosystem of the future will be a very wide network. It will be open source with shared tools and knowledge. The future of AI doesn’t isolate people; it integrates them.


Over three thousand programmers, designers and data scientists have bought into our ecosystem because they understand that no one person can do these things themselves. The same is true for all types of artists. We see a perfectly even playing field emerging that makes all of us equal as creative agents. With the tools we have available, any kid with an imagination should be able to win an Oscar.

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Connections will be made. Work will be undertaken across the globe. The world is going to get even closer. People will work from their phones, using hyperloops to get to places with incredible speed no matter where they live. We’ll have to relearn teamwork in a different way, how to be social with people we’ve never met, how to be funny, how to inspire, lead and empathize. All ideas behind FORKAIA Academy.


The things we treasure are going to be based around The Human Experience. A piece of technology, for everything from cars to food, will be switched on - let me enjoy this experience - and switched off again; ownership is not required.


In an AI-driven world, humanity becomes more important, not less, and it sure is going to be fun.


At Forkaia, we can take any concept and move from idea to commercialized product incredibly quickly using data science and ai. But our Secret Weapon is Diversity.

Diverse teams solve problems and innovate faster, better.

The vantage point we get from a Collective Intelligence model is truly invaluable because of the vastness of talent in our ecosystem and the hyper-diverse nature in which they’re meticulously assembled. We take teambuilding to a whole nother level and are very proud of the fact that Women make up 50% of our tech teams.

We also share equity and believe in the YOU-economy.

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There’s a lot more than revenue that determines our company’s success. New ideas, mindshare, creativity and the product are all greater than revenue. Forkaia’s mission is to build a purpose driven community of like-minded people in search of secrets and solutions that can propel humanity forward.

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It’ such a miracle that we’re alive and sharing this speck of time together - living on this planet all of us together at the same time - there’s no point competing and keeping secrets for personal gain like my father's generation did. It's so backwards.

We don’t ever use time or money as a value, if we did we’d have to sacrifice quality or execute flawlessly and no one is perfect so instead we only concern ourselves with putting the best products in people’s hands. We’d rather not put something out than push out the wrong product thus every product we build sits at the intersection of quality, price and technology because its made by people who actually want to make it. Segmentation creates value on both sides: customers love it and builders love building it.


We build Products that Invigorate, Empower and Augment the human experience.

Our lab’s transparent model is deliberately designed to inspire teams to create something beyond the sum of their parts. Power of innovation comes from not technology, but a network. A network of humans. And intelligence and consciousness comes from human who think together. Purpose of Forkaias ecosystem is to speed up intelligence, consciousness and communication so we can get to new ideas, new technologies and new opportunities quicker. Making it open-source with hyper-diverse teams makes it even faster which gives us ample time to nurture every startup until they’re fully scaled, stable, healthy and groundbreaking before we go to market.

Our Brand is transparent, simple, smart, direct and to the point. We put the customer in the middle of our universe and are 100% transparent and authentic in how we do business.

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And we do the same exact thing with our teams.

We give everybody, not just the creatives, the tools that allow them to tinker with ideas and explore and experiment. We believe in trial and error innovation, accidental discovery and Citizen Scientists.

We’ve built an environment that fosters inclusion and encourages you to be yourself.  We care about who you are as a person and the impact you make. We encourage you to let go of the outcome and just explore your creativity. We cultivate performance and leadership through empowering other team members, diversity of thought, and a commitment to an inclusive culture that values hard work, focus and discipline. We hire smart, positive-minded people who like to gets things done then AMP ‘em up by giving them Purpose and full Autonomy to Master their craft.

Then We go BAM and outwork everybody.

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Our team is passionate about solving problems and finding secrets. Exploring and experimenting is at the core of our existence. Start-up is the new business model, you incubate 100 startups and hope one company will pay all the bills and maybe one will be a unicorn. But an AI-Focused incubator will defy those odds and in a software eats world reality, Forkaia is positioned to be Godzilla; an everything-as-a-service infrastructure built on an agile, lean, customer-driven business design with artificial intelligence at our core. We embrace a new, flat corporate structure with a contingent, liquid workforce - our team is comprised of over 3000 programmers, PMs, data scientists and software engineers.


We work on our own time and only work on projects that interest us. We collaborate and co-create with everybody…even our competition. And we believe in sharing. We give equity to our programmers on projects they work on via Round Z Ventures.


We attract the best talent by giving them ownership on the projects they work on. So working at Forkaia is exactly like working at a startup, combining the best of freelancing independence and flexibility with the best of full-time employments’ potential upside through equity compensation. Our profit sharing platform is forging new, non-linear sales and supply relationships and has for the most part convinced the best PMs, coders and data scientists to ditch the 9 to 5 and gig with Forkaia. Now we have the talent our clients could never afford on their own. And we're using all that talent to build internally. 98 Startups and counting.


Market leading prices, low-hassle solutions, an easy adoption model, profit sharing, AI, ip, shared assets, networks, alliances and data are some of Forkaia’s greatest assets but they all pale in comparison to the talented people we work with every day.

We believe in good energy. Our motto is be inspired by any means necessary. We’re adaptable and know that obstacles, hindrances, and negative energy is a still a form of energy that can be turned around and used to our advantage…it gives us something to react and push against…We use it for motivation.

There’s no perfect formula for success but my advice above everything else is: you should follow your heart.

Choose love over a desk.

Make sure you’re passionate about what you start because there will inevitably be challenging times ahead making it much easier to quit if it were not for a burning desire to see your vision through. Have focus and intention behind every action. Make your enterprise a reflection of your individuality - stamp your personality, your uniqueness in your business - it’s a great point of differentiation. Create a vision and invite people to be a part of it. Elucidate the idea to the group, stay emotionally attached to the goal, give it a core and identity. And connect with your base. Your base is not just your people (fans) but also your Mental: ideas you had when younger, which were tied to powerful emotions that you felt a certain energy about.

Be 100% authentic and transparent – if you have nothing to hide you cannot be threatened.

Do only the things you can do – if someone else can do the task in question then delegate. Try to listen ten times more than you speak and never lose your desire for learning. Hire people smarter than you and empower them and never force an idea or investment. Learn from the past but plan for the future by fully focusing on the present. Prepare, prepare, prepare. Preparation is the precursor to success. Present new ideas. When presenting an idea, always make your case factual, engaging and compelling. Prioritize your strengths - what’s bringing you value and dump everything else in the 'BS Folder' of your mind. Mindshare > Revenue - every brand is a content producing publisher. Every brand is a publishing company. Your organization needs to be Lean. Simple. Agile. Liquid. Responsive. Intuitive. Experiment experiment experiment. Create. Modify. Innovate. Disrupt. Creating is constant learning. Put time into your product or idea, at Forkaia we use 90% of our budget on R&D.


Learn something new every day. Break the Simulation. Break up physical routines, do the opposite of your everyday life activity. As soon as I start doing the same thing over and over I just move on to something completely different - go for a walk or something to stimulate different neurons. I feel like the corporate world wants you to do the opposite but we’re here for such a short period of time it’d be a shame to be bored. Be bored when you're dead but we're not dead yet and there's way too many things in life that I'm not going to be able to try as it is - I'm just trying to keep that number real low. I’d rather regret something I did than something I didn’t do. Place yourself in unfamiliar territory and wake your mind up. Work with love, warmth and appreciation. Be grateful and give back. Be humble. Learn to Forget!


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Let people do what they love and give them the tools to succeed. Immerse yourself in everything you do you don’t need technology to do it for you. And this is pretty important: break away from the mediocre and Go Big - make the challenge Great and worthy of your cause. Pile it Up!!! Commit and stay Focused.

And HAVE NO FEAR…it’s just dark imagination!

One of my favorite human beings of all time said Do one thing every day that scares you. Eleanor Roosevelt also says You must do the things you think you cannot do.

I love this woman’s spirit and her advise hits so close to home

Fact is the future will provide a lot more opportunities than take away.

Apps are already connecting humans and creating platforms that are cutting out inefficiencies. Transparency and fair business models are eliminating middlemen, brokers and salesmen, shifting the power back to the consumer.

Consumers are humans. And we’re all 95% alike.

The people around me are mostly pleasure-seeking with short attention spans - impatient human beings looking to be served and entertained ASAP with herd-mentality. We don’t even care of we’re being targeted anymore, we’re kind of open to it. People want to be augmented, have superpowers and have everything delivered to their doorstep. Traffic sucks I get it but there are real problems on the horizon.

In my opinion Climate Change is the biggest pressing issue humanity is faced with today (the trajectory we’re on doesn’t look good). Followed by wealth inequality and mental health.

Forkaia’s identity revolves around one concept: The Youth is Our Future.

We're bold and loud about Climate Change and take the health of our planet very seriously. And there’s no future without a planet and quite frankly Plan B (Mars) sucks. We try to be useful when we can and are doing our part getting people to ditch dirty fossil fuels with INSOLAR


We married data science with solar technology and created an app that cuts the price of solar in half. And that’s just the beginning, we believe people with solar panels can harness the sun’s energy and sell it to other households using blockchain just like someone with a car can make money from it driving Uber.

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And we’ve created Round Z to distribute equity to all of Forkaia’s builders. You own a piece of everything you build at Forkaia.

Profit Sharing will distribute wealth more evenly amongst employees and help close the income gap between the rich and poor. It also produces happier employees and happier employees are happier people.

Happier people create a domino effect, a kind of infectious herd happiness around the globe.

I believe it’s possible but we’re going to have to break some stuff.

This chart is the list of the happiest countries in the world or it could be used as a blueprint.


We can deconstruct each country’s qualities (good and bad) a La carte style and adopt what’s working today and discard what’s not. We can harness this collective intelligence and consciousness for the enhancement of the human experience…in all dimensions of life. For everybody; the ultimate disruption.