Working at a startup is a completely different kind of work experience. Things will feel disorganized a lot of the time. There are endless mistakes, delays, and inactivity ensued by sudden spurts. Sometimes there’s nothing to do and other times we’re pulling 996’s. There’s not a lot of handholding in a startup. You kind of figure out your role within the organization and try to add value. You decide what you are working on, how to complete it and how much time to spend on it.

For some that can be a huge plus, but may not be the best choice if you need more structure.

But if you want to try something different, come to our lab. We have a different frame of mind than any other company.

Our combine program is perfect for anybody trying to launch or relaunch their career. Or it could be a side gig, part-time or a big part of your future.

The opportunity is rare because the majority of Forkaia’s startups have vacant executive positions (CMO, CTO, COO and CEOs). We’re going to breed that talent internally through our ‘FARM’ System (Academy. Ecosystem. Combine) .

You have 10 short weeks to put your skills to the test, try new things, meet new people, get work experience and build something you can put on your resume. We can give you a rec letter a reference or linkedin review to help you land your dream job. We'll teach you how to fully learn from Forkaia platform to apply your skill sets into practice. You can even make money freelancing using the Agency but the real, real benefit is getting a shot at entrepreneurship before starting a career. Hedge your career bet by sowing seeds in the ideas you like and earning equity by hitting milestones. You can even work on your own idea using our Idea Lab Accelerator. We provide guidance, motivation, and role modeling while helping our participants in their career paths, set goals, develop contacts, and identify and share resources. Our job is to encourage you to pursue your careers by connecting you to the tools, inspiration and resources to make that happen.

We give every person at Forkaia the freedom and power to enable their entrepreneurial spirit and pursuit of their passions, while taking away the many risks that come with going away from an employer and trying to start a business on their own.

We’re going to build an awesome future. Be a part of the Forkaia Movement and decide how things happen.