STEP 1: GLIP Access the FORKAIA Idea Lab Workspace on Glip. Sign up and we'll add you to the Startups and Teams you want to work with very soon.

STEP 2: Sign up for Tasks in your Teams in Glip and get to work. You can pick tasks from here

Use the FORKAIA BLUEPRINT, MVP and STARTUP ACADEMY to help guide you.

Startup Progress Map shows you how far along each startup is. Your aim is to fill in the gaps and get to work on all the incomplete tasks.


  • What’s your availability? Post your Schedule

  • Make sure your status is Active

  • Make sure you’re replying back in a timely manner, within minutes, even a couple hours is okay but taking days to communicate back and forth won’t help anyone)

  • Make sure to @ your Messages so your recipient is notified 

Note: The Forkaia Workspace is a galaxy on its own. There are over 1000 Teams. Some are crowded and some are desolate with empty whiteboards making you feel like you’re on a planet by yourself.

You may see a lot of team members in your Workspace but many are not active, auditing or starting at different times. You don’t have to wait for anybody to start. It’s a relay marathon; you pick up the baton and go.