What should I do if I don’t have access to edit the Offer Letters? Copy and Paste it into a new doc

Can I make money working on Idea Lab Startups? No

Can I make money working on Agency Projects? Yes

How much can I make? As much as you want; you set your rate.

Can I extend my time with Forkaia? Yes

Can I start the Combine earlier? Later? Yes and Yes

What’s the best way to make money through Forkaia Agency projects? You can make money if you get good at Upwork. You get good at Upwork by spending time on your profile. Attach screenshots of all your work and Clients will invite you to work on all kinds of different projects. You select what you want to work on and how much you want to make. There’s no limit on how many projects you can work on or how much money you can make.  

Can I make money working on the Idea Lab startups? You don’t make an hourly wage or salary but if you blow us away during the Combine (internship) we will make you a job offer or even give you equity in one of the startups. You can request Equity on any project at anytime to get the conversation started.

Who determines if the project/task I’m working on is good enough to be completed? For the Idea Lab tasks, upper management makes final decisions but for the Agency, the client determines.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the Combine? These links will all help prepare you for the work ahead.

How can I set my Upwork rate? How can I change it? We set it for you at a default rate you can email us to change it for you at any time.

How much can I set my Upwork rate at? Whatever you feel is your market value is but caps off at $999/hour

How much does FORKAIA keep from my Upwork money? We keep 20%. You keep 80% of what Upwork pays us. Pay varies per project.

I have problems with Glip - I see teams I didn’t select or my team is missing: Glip is far from perfect and glitches out from time to time, if this persists please email us

My school didn’t approve the Combine Program as an Internship for school credit, can I still be part of Forkaia? Yes.

Do I have to have work experience? No. A shared passion is far more important than education or relevant work experience. We want people who are loyal and motivated and afraid of being put into a box.

How can I be successful in this program? The FORKAIA COMBINE is for scrappy people who take initiative. You create your own tasks anc deadlines; we’ve built the platform and are providing you with the tools and freedom to get out there and start writing, coding, creating, designing, building or whatever it is that you want to do. This is a rare opportunity (at the ideal time in your life) but there’ very little hand-holding in the startup world, if you feel like this is not for you you can opt out at anytime here

Who are the Idea Lab Startup founders? FORKAIA CORPORATION. And possibly you. Our mission is to piece together a unicorn with the right team, you could be be a big piece of the puzzle. Find out more about Equity Ownership

When and How are Tasks assigned? Almost never. We like picking tasks instead of assigning them. You create your own tasks or can select the task you want to work on for your Startup from here.

What’s the deadline on my projects: There's no deadline just do a good job we're interested in gaining intelligence over beating some made up timeline.

To what extent would I have the flexibility to work on my own ideas? You have 100% flexibility to work on your own idea. You can build whatever you want here. We give you full autonomy so you can build a new product, app, site, prototype or new business if you’d like. The Combine is a pretty good opportunity to try some things out before committing to one thing.

I’m a Data Scientist but have no data to work with, what should I do? We have INSOLAR and FORKAIA Data because we’ve successfully launched both platforms but for the most part being a Data Scientist for an early startup is kind of tricky because by definition a brand new startup has very little or no data. In this phase, the goal becomes to provide the Business Team with more information literacy regarding their business. Do some research and pull data on any of the following categories below:

  • User Group: summarize who your app/startup is targeting as users

  • Implementation Details: Outline what your app/startup would need in terms of data structures, databases, outside APIs or resources, etc.

  • Existing Market: Outline what types of similar products exist, what are their shortcomings, how can we improve them, what challenges do they face, etc.

You can search, find and clean up data relevant to your chosen startups using our resources or any other platforms you like. Collect, analyze, and interpret the data into useful Strategies for the Business Team. Identify patterns and trends in data sets. Formalize, model and create new databases for your startup and try to define new data collection and analysis processes.

You can also join DSA and work on the Yelp project. We’ll be adding more challenges in the coming weeks.