Tasks are Self-Assigned and broken down by Team - Simply select what you want to work on, create the task in Glip and get to work. Here are some ideas on what you can work on.



Front End/Back End. Web/App/Mobile/I.T.

Build Website

Build App

Build Back-end

Build Product

Write Code/Algorithm/”Special Sauce”

Create MVP

Design Website

Wireframe/Storyboard/Prototype App/Product


Business and Industry Intelligence

Conduct Market Research (industry, size, growth, outlook)

Market Validation


Competitive Advantage


Exit Strategy

Financial Strategy

Business Model

Value Proposition

Public Relations

Sales Collateral Content

Social Media Content

Social Media. Digital. Content. SEO/SEM

Go-to-Market Strategy

Set up/Optimize Social Media Channels

Establish Social Media Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy


Sales. Business Development. Partnerships

Sales Strategy & Execution


Inside Sales

User Intelligence. Feedback Machine. Customer Service

Gather User Intelligence (Survey)

Get Feedback - Needs, Wants, Suggestions

Customer Service Support

Reviews, Referrals & Recommendations


Graphic Design.

Creating Logo

Create Videos

Website Content

Writer. Editor


Video Content


Provide the Business Team with more information literacy regarding their Startup. This means doing independent research and pulling data on the market, players and competitors in the space the Startup is entering.  

What’s the existing Market look like? Outline what types of similar products exist, what are their shortcomings, how can we improve them, what challenges do they face, etc.

Gather intelligence on the Players, who’s been successful and who hasn’t. Learn about their business models and growth strategies; What's worked, what hasn't and pull Data on: 

  • User Group we’re targeting: Summarize who your app/startup is targeting as users

  • Implementation Details: Outline what your app/startup would need in terms of data structures, databases, outside APIs or resources, etc.

Other tasks include:

  • Find, collect, analyze, and interpret data relevant to your chosen startups into useful Strategies.

  • Identify patterns and trends in data sets.

  • Formalize, model and create databases for easier search and query and define new data collection and analysis processes.

  • Learn more about the Data Science role for Forkaia Idea Lab Startups.