Preseed | Product-market fit 

Have you proven to yourself—and, more importantly, your customers—that your product successfully fills a real need in a market that is big enough to support your future growth? 

  • Increase in number of users over time

  • High renewal rates/low churn

  • Steady stream of customer referrals

*40% Rule | at least 40% of surveyed users say they would be “very disappointed” without your product or service.

Seed | Monetization model 

At this phase startup should:

  • be generating revenue

  • have low burn and churn rates

How you going to spend the Money? 

  • What markets will you expand into? 

  • How will you expand sales? 

  • How will you retain and upsell existing clients?

Series A | Ready to Scale

    • 2 year Revenue: $100K/month

    • Scale from ~$1M ARR to $10M ARR in five quarters or less

    • Scale to $50-$100M+ revenue within 5ish years

  • Do you have a clear customer acquisition strategy?

  • Per channel, what does it cost you to acquire a paying customer? 

  • Will your CAC stay steady when your company loses its underdog appeal? 

  • For every $1 spent marketing to potential customers, what is the return for your gross margin?