(in alphabetical order)

ABORT: Quit Forkaia

ACADEMY: Startup Academy

AGENCY: Access the FORKAIA Upwork Agency

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Forkaia announcements, memos and upcoming events

BIG PROBLEMS: Share ideas to solve some life’s more pressing issues

BLUEPRINT: Build an App manual

CASE STUDIES: Research companies of special interest

CEO PASS: iPhone Notes from Forkaia CEO

CHINESE: Forkaia community for Chinese students

COMMUNITY: Post ideas, get feedback, ask the Forkaia community

CONTROLLER: Control Panel directory (you are here!)

DATA TEAMS: Data Team Description

DATASETS: dataset library

DSA: Work on Data Science Projects

EQUITY: Request equity in any startup you like

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

GET STARTED: Pick startup, pick team, pick task and go

HELP: Help with anything

LISTEN: Startup stories and lessons from successful founders

MENTORSHIP: Request a mentor

MVP: Build a Prototype manual

MY OWN IDEA: Apply to work on your own idea

NETWORK: Come to Forkaia networking events

ONBOARD: Administration paperwork & offer letters

PM: Request to Project Manage one of the startups

PULSE: Surveys and polls for Forkaia members

R&D: Research New Ideas and Concepts

RECOMMENDATION: Get recommendation letters and job references here

REQUEST PAYMENT: Invoice us for Forkaia Upwork Agency work

RULES: Forkaia Rules

SOS: Get me out of this team

SPECIAL OPS: Special Tasks Team

STARTUP CHECKLIST: Startup Todo list

SUGGESTION BOX: Make your recommendations to us

SWITCH: Select new startups and/or teams to work in

TASKS: Choose a Task to work on from here

TIME CARD: Log hours here

WELCOME: Another Disclaimer letter about working with us

WORKSPACE: Access the FORKAIA Idea Lab Workspace